Media Mantra announces inclusive leave policy for the new year

Employees of the company can avail themselves of leaves for a wide variety of reasons from pursuing new hobbies to spending quality time with family

Media Mantra has announced an all-new leave policy for its employees which will be effective from 1st January, 2023. The firm has increased the total number of leaves to 31 in a single calendar year with the introduction of special #MMCares leaves.

The key highlight of the newly-introduced policy is the inclusive nature of #MMCares leaves which will now allow Media Mantra employees to avail these six paid leaves the way they deem fit. From taking up a new hobby, spending time with family, going on a wellness trip, opting for an upskill program to overcoming menstrual pain, employees can use #MMCares leaves for all these reasons and more.

Pooja Pathak, Founder and Director of Media Mantra, said, “Driven by the core tenet of people-first, Media Mantra understands how the needs of every employee is unique and diverse in nature. That’s why we introduced #MMCares initiative which is aimed at encouraging employees to find their ‘ikigai’ (reason for being in Japanese). As our employees continue to contribute towards the success of our organisation, we, too, want to repay their faith by giving them an opportunity to focus on themselves. With #MMCares at the forefront, our diligent workforce can now use these paid leaves to fulfil their own dreams in the manner they want. By the virtue of these leaves, we are looking to help our employees de stress and return to the working environment with better focus and vigour.”

Rekha Gehani, HR Advisor at Media Mantra, said, “The #MMCares initiative is the cornerstone of our revised leave policy. At a time when organisations are navigating through consistent market changes with noticeable impact on work culture and environment, the employees continue to deal with increasing stress and pressure. With this new initiative, we want our workforce to take a pause and think before using these leaves for their own good. All our policies are designed with the intent of making our employees feel valued, empowered and cared for. And, the #MMCares initiative is another small gesture from our side to thank our employees for the value they bring to the firm.

The revised leave policy, which culminates what has been an impactful 2022 for Media Mantra, includes 18 Earned Leaves, 6 Casual/Sick Leaves, 6 #MMCares Leaves and a mandatory Birthday Leave .As part of the continuation of all the fundamental benefits, employees will also be eligible for Maternity Leave (as per law), Paternity Leave (7 days) and Marriage Leave (10 days).

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