JAN 2022

In today’s ‘Year-ender story of 2021’ series, Pathak, Director, Media Mantra, shares how the hybrid working model has emerged at the forefront & how it is expected to be the future of industries

As we step into 2022 and look forward to it as a year full of hope and change and possibilities, e4m PR and Corp Comm presents the “Year-ender story of 2021” series with the theme “The possibilities that the new year holds for PR agencies and the way ahead”. The series will encompass the views, opinions and thoughts of some of the leading names and veterans of the PR and Corp Comm fraternity on how they perceive the New Year, the transitions they expect to see and their vision for the future.

In this interview, Udit Pathak, Director, Media Mantra, deliberates on aiming to pioneer the MediaTech era by launching an AI-driven tool and why he feels remote working would be challenging in a long-term scenario.

I believe that the communications industry has always revolved around personalised PR pitches and they have always been synonymous. We, as a firm, first need to understand our clients, their offerings and their psyche. This is the strategy that all the PR firms follow as this basic step is important and helps us in strategising the personalised pitches for our clients. The association between the two is something that will always remain constant and integral!

Read the whole article here – https://www.exchange4media.com/pr-and-corporate-communication-news/organisations-should-focus-on-retaining-and-upskilling-the-existing-team-udit-pathak-117716.html

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