JAN 2023

In today’s Epilogue 2022 series, Pathak, founder-director of Media Mantra, speaks about PR firms harnessing the power of digital channels to help brands improve their online presence

The year has ushered in 356 days to be filled with success stories, thoughts and ideas. This is also the time to stop and reminisce about the year that was, rethink our learnings, be grateful for our triumphs, and imbibe wisdom from our mistakes, all the while preparing ourselves for the days ahead.

With this in mind, we present ‘Epilogue 2022’, a year-ender series from e4m PR & Corp Comm that will feature stalwarts from the Indian PR fraternity. Today, we have Udit Pathak, founder-director, Media Mantra, who swears by the mantra ‘Keep working hard’.

Having undergone a major paradigm shift during the pandemic, public relations (PR), today, has morphed into an industry that touches almost every aspect of business, reinventing communication as we know it. The last year has been a mere witness to PR firms evolving and reinventing their approach to delivering creative opportunities for their clients. With the expansion of the digital world, the PR industry has forayed into the new age of communication which is dominated by both disruptions and innovations.

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